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Save Money and Look Great

Whilst browsing the beauty counters at department stores is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, the cost of buying your beauty products from luxury brands can soon add up. Buying your beauty products at local pharmacies, supermarkets and discount chains could save you hundreds of pounds each year.

If you really can't give up the big brand habit, look for discount health and beauty stores online where you can often buy the same branded products for less. High street department stores often run sales and promotions online and sometimes offer voucher codes offering big discounts. Try registering for email updates from your favourite department stores to make sure you don't miss out.

Downshifting just a few of the beauty products you regularly use could make a big difference to your finances. Unscented baby wipes are a great alternative to branded makeup remover wipes and a lot cheaper too. Look out for own brand products in the supermarkets and give them a try.

Vaseline is one beauty product no-one should be without and a great example of a product where the own brand alternative is just as good. Not only does petroleum jelly make a great lip gloss but it can also be used under the eyes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and as an intensive moisturiser to soften the skin on your knees and elbows.

Swapping bought beauty products for natural alternatives is a fun way to save money and give your skin a boost. Try mashing up an avocado to use as a face mask, or adding a tablespoon of oats to your bathwater for a skin-softening experience. Olive oil can be used as an intensive moisturiser for dry skin and brown sugar mixed with water can be used a skin scrub.

As well as changing your shopping habits, making some changes to your beauty routine can also mean big savings. Before you even start to apply makeup, apply a SPF15 daily moisturiser to your face and give your skin time to soak it up. Your expensive foundation will have less work to do, meaning you can use less.

As with many things, prevention is better than cure. Taking care of yourself will help keep you looking and feeling a million dollars. Ensuring you get enough sleep is perhaps the cheapest and easiest beauty tip of all; if you're continually tired and worn down, you will be using more makeup and beauty products to mask the effects. Do yourself a favour by getting an early night at least twice a week.

Avoiding dehydration is another way to help keep your complexion clear. Drink plenty of water and avoid excess caffeine and alcohol, as both substances can dry out the skin. If you smoke, consider stopping for the sake of your looks if not your health. Taking regular exercise will boost your circulation and give you a healthy glow, so get out for a walk or go for a bike ride.

So as you can see, looking great needn't cost the earth. By saving on a few of the beauty products you regularly buy, you will have more to spend on the luxuries you just can't live without.

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