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Saving Money on Groceries

One of the quickest ways to end up splurging money on unnecessary groceries is to go shopping without a list. Walking around the supermarket and picking up whatever takes your fancy will soon fill your trolley with surplus items. Avoid overspending by making a list before you go and stick to it.

Buying in bulk if often a good way to save money. Look out for super-size economy packs of goods with no sell-by date, for example dried pasta, washing powder and shampoo. You may find yourself spending more money by buying larger sizes in the short term, but this will reduce your grocery bill over the coming weeks and months.

Whilst multi-buy offers like buy one get one free can seem like a great deal, they only save you money if you buy something you really do need. If offers are on products you regularly buy anyway, stock up while you have the chance. If not, resist the temptation as you could end up spending more than usual and wasting food.

Coupons and money-off vouchers are a great way to save money, so look out for them in newspapers and magazines. Keep a look out for loyalty points promotions as these can offer great discounts and remember to take your loyalty card every time you shop.

Shopping around sounds like an obvious tip but we often forget that goods are sold at different prices in different stores. Stay clear of small convenience stores as these shops rely on emergency buying to sell products at uncompetitive prices. Always take shopping bags with you to avoid having to pay for plastic bags and you will save money as well as the environment.

Some shops and supermarkets have better prices on certain categories of products, for example fruit and vegetables or cleaning products. Discount supermarkets like Aldi, Netto and Lidl can be a good place to find bargains on certain lines, including dried goods and chilled meats.

Buying supermarket own-brand products can also mean big reductions on your grocery bill. The bigger supermarket chains now offer an own-brand version of almost every major product and many are just as good as their branded equivalent. Try swapping just a couple of products each time you shop and see if you notice the difference.

Doing your supermarket shop online can often mean big savings, as comparing prices on the internet is much easier than visiting several shops. Many online supermarkets offer free delivery and discounts for new customers, so keep a look out online to see what is available. Online shopping also has the advantage of showing exactly how much you are spending as you add products to your cart. Reviewing your shopping cart before you place your order makes it easy to remove any unnecessary items before you check out and can significantly reduce your bill.

The key to saving money on groceries is planning ahead, as shopping under pressure often means spending over the odds. Make a list, do your research and keep a look out for the best prices and deals.

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