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Saving money at Halloween

In the run up to Christmas, Halloween can be an expense we could do without, especially in these financially straitened times. It is however easy to "do" Halloween and save money if you know where to look for bargains.

Even if you don't have kids to dress, trick or treating can be an expense in itself. The cost of treats can mount up although it is always a good idea to search out treats in low cost shops and buying sweets in bulk is always a great money saving tip. But an even better idea to avoid this expense altogether is to go out for evening and stay out until the trick and treaters go to bed!

More seriously, dressing up the kids can be easy, cheap and fun. A good place to start is your own wardrobe. You will have plenty of old fashions and out of date accessories in there which with a little bit of forethought and some sewing skills can be turned into the perfect Halloween costume.

Another great source for costumes which saves money is the local charity shop. Look out for unusual items such as top hats, funny hats, canes and other off the wall accessories which can be used to bring a costume to life.

If on the other hand you fancy going all creative and making your own costumes you will find lots of step by step guides online. With a little bit of imagination and some basic material you can turn a rubbish bag and white tape into a superb skeleton and some crepe paper into a witch's costume. Old rolls of wall paper can also come in handy here. And you really don't need the skills of a Blue Peter presenter to make this work for you.

For other gimmicky accessories, gifts, decorations and treats check out your local pound or bargain basement shop. These shops will be packed full with Halloween packs, offers and promotions for a pound or less. It is also worth making the trip back to these shops on November 1st and stocking up on reduced price packs for Halloween next year. Another great money saving tip!

Another tradition of Halloween is scary Halloween food. This does not have to be complicated or expensive and making it will not only save you money but will also help to keep the kids occupied until its time to go trick or treating. Go online and search out for Halloween food and cake recipes. It will surprise you how easy it can be and how much you can save.

Think too about games you can play. Dunking for Apples is an old time favourite. Add red food colouring to the water to look red blood. Great fun and all for the price of some apples.

Another great fun low cost game is Wrap the Mummy-with cheap toilet roll see who can wrap their friend the fastest.

Halloween shouldn't be a burden money-wise: it is possible to thoroughly enjoy Halloween and save money. But don't forget to have fun. This is what Halloween is all about after all.

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